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Acer was born in January 2005. He is in a ‘Forever Foster Home’ with one of our volunteers and receives lots of TLC. He has an arthritic spine which makes him hypersensitive to touch.

Ongoing treatment including visits to the chiropractor and dog training sessions seem to be helping him. Acer will need support for the rest of his life.
Izzy became a 'Forever Foster ' in July 2015, and at the age of 10 she is now in her ‘Forever Home’. She is very loving and affectionate and gets great pleasure in rearranging the pillows on her fosterers bed to make herself ultra comfortable.

She recently had 15 teeth removed but you'd never have known it, she was back to her usual bouncy self within a few hours.
Frazer is 5 on the 12th of December 16 and can be found at many Hall Green events throughout the year where he will gladly lean on you for a fuss and a hug, he is one big soft love sponge of a Greyhound! Frazer has a condition that has caused him to have a number of strokes but thanks to intensive rehabilitation and Physio treatment Frazer is currently enjoying his life (and hugs!)
Teddy was 5 in August. Having a short racing career has not stopped his love of running, in fact he spends many a day with a cuddly toy in his mouth running around the garden, and if he can’t find a toy, his tail does quite nicely! Teddy has a slight limp due to an injury so has monthly massage treatments as well as hydrotherapy to keep him fit and happy. He is also training as a ‘Pets as Therapy’ hound and already visits Nursing Homes, Hospices and Schools.
Judy was 11 in September 17 having had a long career in racing. She has now been retired for 6 years. Judy is a Pets as Therapy hound and visits lots of nursing homes and schools to show off this wonderful breed. Judy unfortunately injured her front paw and now walks with a limp and has to wear a special boot to go outside. Judy goes on lots of awareness events to promote the hounds in need of a home and has her own adapted wheelchair when she gets tired.
Should you wish to sponsor a Hall Green hound, please email the trust at for details.
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