SEX: Male
BIRTHDAY: September 2011

Paddy is a soft and lovely black beauty who loves lots of fuss and gives lots of affection in return. He is a long stayer with us, probably because he is quite a strong lad when out on the lead, and sometimes forthright towards some other breeds but very sociable with his humans.

If you are an experienced owner with patience and understanding to help Paddy by doing some training and socialisation with him he will reward you with his love, devotion, and companionship til the end of his days. What more can anyone ask.

We really would like Paddy to be loved as someone's pet rather than remaining in kennels, so please give us a ring on 0121-426-4810 or email us at to come along to our Watford Gap Kennels near Sutton Coldfield to give this lovely boy a chance.