SEX: Female
COLOUR: White and Black
BIRTHDAY: August 2012

Looby has been making good progress since being in foster care, her confidence is definitely growing.

When visiting the local marina she wasn't phased by adults, children, or cyclists and was happy to be fussed, loving the attention. She was very well mannered and stood quietly at a coffee shop but keen to see biscuits - she loves her food. Looby did not bark or attempt to chase the ducks and swans.

She's a joy to walk and excellent on the lead. She’s interested in cats and small fluffy dogs and can pull a little, but trots along until we have passed and doesn't bark.

Looby gets on very well with other greyhounds but loves her 1-1 time and extra attention. She’s very playful and a good timekeeper knowing exactly when it's meal times.

Initially Looby did get quite stressed at bed time but has never been destructive. We now have her happy and content sleeping in the security of her crate, but loves being curled up on the sofa through the day when people are around.

Looby so deserves a forever home and would make a lovely companion.