SEX: Male
BIRTHDAY: April 2014

Jimmy is one of those dogs that our volunteers call "kissy licky" dogs. He's one of the most affectionate greyhounds that we've come across. He even likes to lick the face of his kennel mate, Uma, a shy girl who he seems to like to look after.

Jimmy and Uma went to Sutton Park for the first time recently and he really didn't know where to look much to see, so much to do but by the end of his walk he was a bit calmer.

Jimmy will love you with all his heart and soul and if you are prepared to work with him to get him used to the big wide world and small furries, then he'll be the best friend ever.

If you'd like to meet Jimmy (and maybe his kennel mate Uma too?) then give us a ring on 0121-426-4810 and come along to our Watford Gap Kennels near Sutton Colfield.