SEX: Male
COLOUR: White and Black
BIRTHDAY: January 2014

Horris is still with his foster carer, Marion, waiting patiently for his forever home. Horris, who turns 4 in January, is a quick learner. Boundaries and routines help him. He’s learnt how to give his toys back though likes to take the odd things in the house especially if woolly!

He’s interested in life, enjoys his walks, travels well and lies straight down in the car. He’s excellent on the lead, doesn’t react to other dogs unless they are up close and personal. Marion took Horris to visit her sister and he behaved impeccably with her dogs.

He’s a good companion and good with guests. He sleeps well, asks to go out and is patient with grooming and teeth cleaning. He has been left for over 2 hours and nothing has been disturbed.

He’s a brilliant young dog and will make a fantastic, adaptable companion. Ideally he needs a calm household, where he will only be left for 2-4 hours and a set routine. In return you will have the perfect gentleman.

We would love to see Horris in a home for his 4th Birthday. Phone 0121-426-4810 or email us at if you would like to meet this adorable hound