SEX: Male
BIRTHDAY: May 2012

Flyn is a strikingly beautiful hound who is looking for a second chance. He was in a home for a short while but it really wasn't the right match so he's now back in kennels looking for Mr or Mrs Right.

Flyn went to Lichfield's Twinkly Market recently and although he is a strong dog he does respond to correction. He is a dog who would benefit from someone who will give his guidance and show him the ropes and teach him the skills he needs to manage in the big wide world outside of kennels.

He has the potential to be a super hound in the right home so if you are an experienced dog owner who understand what a dog needs, then give us a ring. Flyn will be a fantastic pet.

Flyn is at our Watford Gap Kennels near Sutton Coldfield so ring 0121-426-4810 to arrange a visit.