SEX: Female
BIRTHDAY: July 2014


Two of our volunteer Rose and Adrian said "C'mon Eileen - let's go to the park" and this is what they have say.

"We took Eileen to Sutton Park today, she was absolutely perfect, she didn’t pull, was friendly with all the people we met, loves being fussed. She wasn’t frightened or bothered by any other dogs. We even bumped into Salty who found her new home from Watford Gap Kennels last September.

"We really hope it won’t be long until this beautiful girl finds a loving home."

Eileen is only 3 years old though her white face makes her look older. She's a sweet girl who has a very playful side to her. She'll make a lovely pet and she won't be with us long, so C'mon and ring us on 0121-426-4810 to visit Eileen at our Watford Gap Kennels near Sutton Coldfield.