SEX: Male
BIRTHDAY: October 2013

Four year old Demi is a really sweet boy, he loves to lean and seems really gentle, even when taking treats. When one of our volunteers took him to Sutton Park, he was relaxed in the car and walked well on the lead. He doesn’t pull, instead when he sees something interesting he pricks up one ear and does a funny little prance.

As it was his first ever time out into the big wide world, he was excitable and boisterous and could be a bit much for a small nervous dog. He's a very lovely guy, though, pretty confident without being too lively and not too big for a boy - he just needs to get out more to socialise and learn that other dogs are indeed his friends.

If this gorgeous looking, prancing black beauty has caught your eye, then give us a ring on 0121-426-4810 or email us at and come to our Watford Gap Kennels for a visit.