SEX: Male
COLOUR: Black and White
BIRTHDAY: May 2014

Volunteer, Roger, and his wife took Beag (Gaelic for small) to Cannock Chase for a lovely New Year's Eve walk and returned with a glowing report:

"We went for a walk and then to the nearby dog friendly pub. It was like walking a dog you’ve had for five years - gentle on the lead, not bothered by or interested in dogs of any size close up. Some dogs are very alert when they see the great outdoors for the first time - absolutely none of that at all.

He's very friendly, makes eye contact, loves back of his ears being rubbed and wags his tail a lot. In the pub, there was competition for who was going to get the first bite of my lunch - a couple of stern 'Nos’ had the desired result - he just stood and stared at the food. He’s one hell of a well-balanced dog! The first people to see him will be mad not to snaffle him!"

Be quick if you want a small-ish, steady, friendly boy as your walking and pub companion! Phone 0121-426-4810 to visit Beag at our Watford Gap Kennels near Sutton Coldfield.