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FAQ about foster care

Q: Why foster?
A: It’s a very rewarding experience to see very shy dogs, or strong dogs or dogs who are a bit manic with other breeds, settle down, gain new-found confidence. This then makes finding them a permanent home more likely.

Q: Which dogs need fostering?
A: They may have been in kennels for a very long time and need socialisation or may have some minor behavioural or medical problem that needs a consistent approach.

Q: What do I need to do to become a foster carer?
A: As a family think about how a foster dog will fit in to your household-what will the other dogs/cats think? Can you put the work in to meet your foster dogs needs? If the answer is “yes,” phone us. We’ll do our normal home check and if everything’s OK we’ll match you with a dog.

Q: What about support?
A: We will be in regular touch with you by phone and by arranged visits to offer any help you need and to check that’s everything going OK.

Q: What about finding permanent homes?
A: We’ll continue looking while the dog is in foster care. Foster carers’ detailed knowledge of their foster dog is valuable in helping us match dogs to suitable homes.

Q: Is there any payment?
A: All our foster carers are volunteers, but we don’t expect them to be out of pocket so we will pay for food and bedding and any veterinary care needed.

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